Service Request

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Category List
Dogs - Barking
Report a problem with a barking dog
Dogs - Requests
Report an unleashed or nuisance dog
Graffiti Removal Request
Report graffiti on public land
Unattended Vehicle
Report an unattended vehicle
Illegally Parked Vehicle
Report an illegally parked vehicle
Illegal Dumping of Rubbish
Report illegal dumping
Report a damaged footpath
Roads - Potholes
Report a pothole
Roads - Surface Condition
Report a issue with a local road
Waste Services - Missed Garbage Collection
Report a missed general waste collection
Waste Services - Missed Recycling Collection
Report a missed recycling collection
Waste Services - Missed Greenwaste Collection
Report a missed garden organics collection
Waste Services - Missed Household CleanUp
Report a missed household cleanup collection
Waste Services - Damaged Garbage Bin
Report a damaged general waste bin
Waste Services - Damaged Recycling Bin
Report a damaged recycling bin
Waste Services - Damaged Greenwaste
Report a damaged garden organics bin
Waste Services - Missing Residential Bin Form
Report a lost bin
Community Tenant Enquiries
Maintenance request form for tenants of community buildings
Parks - Damaged Equipment
Report damaged playground or outdoor fitness equipment
Parks - Cleaning of Public Toilets
Request cleaning of park facilities
Parks - Mowing Request
Report long or overgrown grass in a park or reserve
Trees - Request a New Street Tree
Request street tree planting
Other General Enquires
Report a general issue
Commercial and Trade Waste
Report a missed or damaged commercial bin