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Dogs - Barking
Dogs - Requests
Graffiti Removal Request
Unattended Vehicle
Illegally Parked Vehicle
Illegal Dumping of Rubbish
Rates - Change of Mailing Address Request
Roads - Potholes
Roads - Surface Condition
Street Name Signs - Missing or Damaged
Traffic Signs - Missing or Damaged
Traffic Signs - Request a New Sign
Waste Services - Missed Garbage Collection
Waste Services - Missed Recycling Collection
Waste Services - Missed Greenwaste Collection
Waste Services - Missed Household CleanUp
Waste Services - Damaged Garbage Bin
Waste Services - Damaged Recycling Bin
Waste Services - Damaged Greenwaste
Waste Services - Missing Residential Bin Form
Waste Services - Discontinue Residential Service

Use this form to discontinue your additional or standard residential waste service.

Please note that if you are requesting a discontinuation of your standard waste services, domestic waste charges will still apply for your property's annual rates (including 140L Garbage, 240L Greenwaste and 240L Recycling charges).

By completing this form, you are declaring that you are owner of the subject property address and that the information is true and correct within this form.

** Bin serial numbers are located on the side of the bin imprinted in white numbers.

Waste Services - Special Christmas Recycling Pick-up
Community Tenant Enquiries
Parks - Damaged Equipment
Parks - Cleaning of Public Toilets
Parks - Mowing Request
Trees - Request a New Street Tree
Other General Enquires
TEST CATEGORY Internal system test. Use link to access when active.
Tenant Maintenance Requests

The Tenant Maintenance Request Form is a customer service system for tenants of commercial and residential buildings owned by Council.

Use this form to make a standard or low priority tenant request. Before contacting Council, establish whose responsibility the matter falls to by checking your lease agreement. If the matter falls within your responsibility you are responsible for undertaking the works.

When completing this form, please provide as much information as possible to enable us to provide a prompt response, assessment and resolution timeframe. Please note that you can also submit your request by contacting Customer Service on ph 9952 8222 during business hours.

If your request is urgent / high priority please call Council on ph 9952 8222. If there is imminent threat to life or property please call 000 immediately.

Priority Weed Reporting Notification and identification of priority weed species requires a prompt response by Council because of their ability to significantly impact our bushlands and community. If you have spotted one of the Priority Weeds within the City of Ryde, please complete this form to notify our Environment team.

Commercial and Trade Waste
Commercial Waste - Missed Garbage
Commercial Waste - Missed Recycling
Commercial Waste - Missed Garden Organics
Commercial Waste - Damaged Garbage Bin
Commercial Waste - Damaged Recycling Bin
Commercial Waste - Damaged Garden Organics
Commercial Waste - Missing Bin