Making An Appointment

City of Ryde Appointment Bookings

Make an Appointment

Select ‘Make’ to book an appointment with Councils Building and Development Advisory Service. You will receive notification that your appointment has been submitted, and again once your appointment has been confirmed. Please note that booking timeslots are limited to one 20 minute meeting per customer per day. If you require assistance in making a booking, please contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.
Reviewing your Appointment

To review, update or cancel your appointment,
please select ‘Review Appointment’
or contact Customer Service on 9952 8222

Attending an Appointment

All appointments are help at the City of Ryde Customer Service Centre
in Top Ryde Shopping Centre,
1 Pope Street Ryde
Please bring with you any documents or plans
that will aid in the discussion at the meeting.

After your Appointment

After your appointment you will be provided with
an opportunity to complete a brief survey.
We are constantly trying to improve our service
and would like to hear your feedback on how we performed.
that was used to make the appointment